A former writer, Carolyn Zaroff discovered her passion for painting first in the mountains of Colorado and now in Northern California, where she has lived since 1995. She has been painting full-time outdoors and in her Sausalito studio ever since. For the past two years she has been painting primarily in the lush vineyards of Napa and Sonoma. Her color-intense, highly textured landscapes are now enjoyed in private collections throughout the United States.

About her art, Carolyn Zaroff says: “My feelings about nature tumble out in bold color. My eye seeks the unexpected and I am drawn to contrast between simple forms and complex layers. I am passionate about color and texture and know that oil is the exact right medium for me. I love its depth and the way it can reflect light. I look forward to many more enchanted moments standing in vineyards watching the light bathe the vines, intensely aware of new growth pushing up and enraptured by the color I see everywhere.”

In the Beginning
22 Yellow and Grey